Pregnant Jessica Simpson shared a strange photo: “defeated” the toilet

Беременная Джессика Симпсон поделилась странным фото: «победила» унитаз

38-year-old singer Jessica Simpson is hard to tolerate pregnancy. She humorously refers to his situation and is sharing with fans household images, depicting the life of a star before the birth of the child.

Беременная Джессика Симпсон поделилась странным фото: «победила» унитаз

The star placed in Instagram a photo where she is in Slippers, leggings and a warm brown jacket sitting in a chair by the fireplace. Jessica barely noticeable smiles and gives a thumbs up gesture of approval.

“Heartburn during pregnancy led to the purchase of individual seats for sleeping”, signed the Simpson and added a few laughing emoticons.

And a few hours later, the blonde shared one the problem: during a trip to the toilet she accidentally tore off the lid of the toilet. “Attention! Never lean on the lid of the toilet during pregnancy,” said Jessica.

For greater clarity, the actress has applied to the post photo. On it she poses in the bathroom with a broken piece of plastic in his hands.

Беременная Джессика Симпсон поделилась странным фото: «победила» унитаз

“That’s why I love you — you’re real and not afraid to admit it”, “You have become my favourite celebrity, you are very funny”, “Anything that you gained weight, you look great and so optimistic”, “I Love the sense of humor about pregnancy. It’s nice to know that other people have experienced the same problems as you, this is encouraging”, — writes Simpson followers.

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