Pregnant Kamensky came to the children’s show almost naked

Famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky shared photos and videos from the filming of the show “Laugh comedian. Children.” Writes about this Clutch.

Nastya Kamensky recently literally does not disappear from the pages of the media because of rumors about her affair with a colleague Potapov. Fans are sure that celebrity is not only long married, but expecting a joint child. However, Potap and Nastya prefer not to comment on these rumors.

Meanwhile, Kamensky, who recently returned from the United States, continues to work and appear on various shows. So, on the official page in Instagram Nastya’s photo appeared from the set of “Laugh comedian. Children.”

“What do you think, who will be joining us with Eugene Kosh in the new season of comedians?”, – wrote Nastya Kamensky.

In the comments fans suspected the singer in drunkenness and advised her to dress modestly.

“Dressed would be modest, and how…”, “my, what a beauty. Now remember your recent interview and just admire the fact that without surgery live. So be it! With your beauty, they are generally not the topic!”, “Anastasia, next time upload post sober. Something your letters swam”, “Ass not like Kim, Nastia. And it’s even cooler!” comment the users.

Recall the famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky, after a recent candid photo shoot, decided to rehabilitate his hot image. Recall that recently the singer completely undressed on camera, albeit partially covered up the naughty place with a blanket.

Earlier Znayu reported, Nastya Kamenskikh put a selfie without makeup, boasting designer hoodie. So, the actress tenderly thanked for the costume, and fans noted that her mother got dressed.

Also Znayu wrote, Potap finally told what kind of relationship him and Nastya Kamenskikh. Igor Swallows asked the captain: “Muddy with Kamensky?”. He answered without hesitation: “Yes.”

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