Pregnant Kamensky showed someone kisses in the morning: it’s not Potap

Беременная Каменских показала, кого целует по утрам: это не Потап

Famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky published in Instagram video with her morning kiss. Reports Clutch.

For a long time not subside rumors that Kamencic between Nastya and Potap is in a romantic relationship. Fans are sure that colleagues not only long been married, but waiting for the joint child.

And on Thursday, 22 February, the artist released a new video in his Instagram Stories. On it the singer shot himself in bed immediately after waking up. Anastasia ran to her beloved dog Mimi, and began to lick her face. Kamencic joked: “Mimi, you’re the kissing maniac. Calm down!”.

It should be noted that Mimi is a frequent guest Instagram account Nastya Kamensky. Cute dog long “stole” the hearts of her fans, because she is a lot like his famous mistress.

Беременная Каменских показала, кого целует по утрам: это не Потап

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky has published in his Instagram photo, which is drinking champagne.

For a long time in the network do not cease rumors that the singer Nastya Kamensky and Potap producer romantic relationship. Fans are confident that the stars have been married and expecting a child.

And on Wednesday, February 20, the singer published a photo which is not a joke alarmed fans. On it it is embodied in the header of its own brand NK Sport with a glass of champagne in hand. Thus the singer celebrated 5 million views on his new video “Ass like Kim”.

However, members did not agree that the clip Kamencic turned out well in the comments, do not hesitate to Express their dissatisfaction.

Recall Kamensky called off the wedding with the invite due to an accident.

Earlier Znayu reported, pregnant Kamensky started to fill in a grief with alcohol.

Also Znayu wrote, Loboda and Kamensky the Russians made in the list of call girls.

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