Pregnant Kamensky started drinking: Potap where you’re looking

Беременная Каменских начала пить: Потап, куда ты смотришь

Nastya Kamensky

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky has published in his Instagram photo, which is drinking champagne.

For a long time in the network do not cease rumors that the singer Nastya Kamensky and Potap producer romantic relationship. Fans are confident that the stars have been married and expecting a child.

And on Wednesday, February 20, the singer published a photo which is not a joke alarmed fans. On it it is embodied in the header of its own brand NK Sport with a glass of champagne in hand. Thus the singer celebrated 5 million views on his new video “Ass like Kim”.

However, members did not agree that the clip Kamencic turned out well in the comments, do not hesitate to Express their dissatisfaction.

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A post shared by NK | Nastia Kamenskykh (@kamenskux) on Feb 19, 2019 at 1:02am PST

“Suck boy”, “Horny video”, “Nastya, you’re a talented man, the voice, the figure, everything is fine. A clip….fu…people shavaet”, “Found something to be proud of, it would be better to sing best and not the ass light”, “Clip like”, “And I absolutely do not like! Pornography!”, “5 million well? This does not mean that he liked all. Complete nonsense, sorry! The world is going vnikuda!”, “5 million views does not mean that like…”, “music video , as the song itself sucks!”, “Do not tell yourself, it’s not popularity , that’s get the stadium fans and see will they come this nonsense to listen to. Plagiarism, and even some kind of circus” – write in the comments.

Recall that subtly Potap Kamenskih pregnant retaliated with two.

Earlier Znayu reported, Nastya Kamenskikh once again conquered the fans an original way to party.

Also Znayu wrote TV presenter Masha Efrosinina congratulated Nastya Kamensky pregnant and has made her an original compliment. Famous anchorwoman in his Instagram has published a fragment of the video of “Ass like Kim”, congratulating Kamensky.


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