Pregnant Kamensky was cracking up in Las Vegas, Potap will blush

Беременная Каменских начудила в Лас-Вегасе, Потап будет краснеть

Nastya Kamensky and Potap

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskih, which according to the latest rumors pregnant by Potap, published a video about his adventures in Las Vegas.

Recently Instagram account Nastya Kamenskih appeared the announcement of her new blog on YouTube.

Беременная Каменских начудила в Лас-Вегасе, Потап будет краснеть

Potap and Nastya Kamensky

“A new series NKBlog about my trip to the 19th Annual Latin American Grammy already on the YouTube channel NKofficial. There I was invited as guest of honour of Ukraine. For me it is a great honor to represent my country on the most important Latin music event in the world! Thank you very much for an incredible dress in which I appeared on the red carpet #LatinGrammys and #PersonOfTheYear,” wrote the star.

Video Nastya walks in Vegas, attends the event and trying on outfits. At one point the singer joked that the scenery is so beautiful that she intends to touch him and “grab a tough nut”. It is noteworthy that in the video flashes Potap, Nastya and who came to conquer US.

Earlier it was reported that 31-year-old Nastya Kamensky published a photo, which has caused bewilderment of fans. Always a sexy singer, not just admired Network revealing outfits, suddenly appeared before fans in a modest black clothes that completely hid all the delights of girls.

Беременная Каменских начудила в Лас-Вегасе, Потап будет краснеть

In addition, thinner face Nastya was not a drop of makeup, and always lush blue-black hair gathered in a modest hairstyle. In the caption to the photo she had written:

“When you have a bad mood should run on the shopping. Immediately felt better…”

Recall that Kamensky was lit in the company of long-haired pretty boy.

Earlier Znayu reported, Nastya Kamensky became the heroine of one of the programs on CBS.

Also Znayu wrote, Nastya Kamensky showed a playful photo of the party.

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