Preporuka Maria Pogrebnyak danced “the dance of the monkeys from the zoo”

The second half the Russian football player has posted a funny Instagram video.

Проспорившая Мария Погребняк сплясала «танец обезьяны из зоопарка»


Maria Pogrebnyak made a bet with the kids that she will be able to score a goal in a makeshift gate in the apartment. In case of loss she promised to fulfill any dance. On the gate was one of the heirs of a football player and parried the ball away, hit the mother. After that, the children invited Maria Pogrebnyak to dance “the dance of escaped zoo monkeys,” which she did. Model a little embarrassed before, but then began to vigorously move my body. Fans criticized Pogrebnyak for the overly skinny legs and advised her to gain a few pounds.

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Lost I’m not alone???? but I lost a bet???????????????????? Now enjoy my dancing” the monkey escaped from the zoo”

A post shared by Maria Pogrebnyak-Shatalova (@mariapoga_) on Nov 29, 2018 at 10:12am PST

There were defenders, who said that the choice of the player looks great. According to fans, it is better to have a slim figure, than to be afraid to go to the mirror due to excess weight and hate myself for the imperfection. Most users reacted positively to the movie “dance monkey from the zoo” by Maria Pogrebnyak. The model is often satisfied with “soccer practice” with the sons at the house, than a concern of the neighbors.