Prices on Pixel 3 Pixel 3 Lite and Lite XL surprised everyone

Цены на Pixel 3 Lite и Pixel 3 Lite XL удивили всех

According to rumors, Google plans to release budget smartphones Pixel 3 Pixel 3 Lite and Lite XL. Although it is likely that they will be called a little differently- Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Under such a marketing designation for both devices in the near future can be released in the Indian market. Yes, this fact contradicts the style of Google, so that users do not continue to argue about the names of future state employees from Google.

Цены на Pixel 3 Lite и Pixel 3 Lite XL удивили всех

The younger of the two models has a number G020B, senior secured room G020F. Both smartphones are manufactured in the factory of the Taiwanese company Foxconn. About the release date are not yet known, but as for the price, it will be around $ 560. Apparently, the employees of Google will not be so available.

Цены на Pixel 3 Lite и Pixel 3 Lite XL удивили всех

Previous leaks pointed to the fact that Pixel 3 Lite will receive the OCTA-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 670 and 4GB of RAM. In turn, Pixel XL Lite 3 will be equipped with a more powerful chipset Snapdragon 710 and the same 4 GB of RAM. Camera will remain as the single normal Pixel 3.

Recall that Microsoft disowned Skype Classic. It should immediately be noted that it is only about 8 version of the popular service. Apparently, the company no longer wishes to support the latest applications.

Earlier Znayu reported that a Google employee has successfully jailbroken iOS 12. It is worth noting that it was he who discovered the vulnerability and reported it in the first place the Apple, so the company has corrected their mistakes. It took only a month. In any case, the existence of vulnerability will hit the reputation of the company.

Znayu wrote that Apple once again posted on the shelves of the revolutionary iPhone. Of course, we are talking about iPhone X, which is the first smartphone with a cutout for the screen, and a new system of protection FaceID. By the way, this time the device will be sold at a price of $ 700, which can not but rejoice.

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