“Pride of the parents!”: Son Natasha Queen surprised fans with knowledge of the Japanese language

The guy showed how well he can speak Japanese.

«Гордость родителей!»: Сын Наташи Королёвой удивил фанатов знанием японского языка

16-year-old Arkhip together with their parents singer Natasha Queen and dancer the erotic genre Tarzan (real name Sergey Glushko) arrived at the “Today tonight” where they surprised fans with not only his grown-up appearance, but also the knowledge of languages. As it turned out, Arkhip fluent in Japanese, the guy showed at the show.

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The greatest happiness for moms to hear from an adult son such words and even if they are in Japanese , everything is clear without translation!!! #love #boy #Japan #segodneishee

A post shared by Natasha Koroleva (@koroleva__star) on Dec 3, 2018 at 2:41am PST

“Cool! Didn’t know Arkhip knows Japanese”, “Good boy, the pride of parents”, “What a beautiful son. Very father like”, “Wow, he can speak Japanese…Trained in the country of the far East?”, “Arkhip Mature and so charming! What did he say?” “Son is very good, but would not zazvezdilsya,” wrote in the comments followers of the singer.