Prince Charles abruptly reined pregnant Markle: crown

Принц Чарльз резко осадил беременную Маркл: корону сними

After the wedding with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has never appeared in public in a tiara. According to the rules of the Royal family, the crown of the diamond should be worn on official state banquets. The Duchess of Sussex, to the disappointment of fans, does not. We now know why.

Принц Чарльз резко осадил беременную Маркл: корону сними

In fact, Markle wanted again to try on any of the diadem, reports the Daily Mail. However, Prince Charles of Wales in a mild form explained the daughter-in-law, who is a newcomer in the family of the monarch and still does not understand all the nuances that such ostentation is inappropriate. He believes that the tiara the Duchess would look too “extravagant” and would have evoked thoughts of the colonial past of many countries of the Commonwealth of Nations — including Fiji.

Принц Чарльз резко осадил беременную Маркл: корону сними

Rumor has it that Meghan Markle rejection very upset. She came organized by the President of Fiji evening Banquet in a blue dress and luxurious earrings-pendants of pearls and diamonds, which, as expected, was issued to her from the Royal collection.

Meanwhile, that same evening the wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton appeared at the state Banquet at Buckingham Palace (which was attended by the king and Queen of the Netherlands), in a magnificent diadem of diamonds and pearls, which was previously worn by her mother-in-law Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II. Diana, by the way, complained that the tiara is so heavy it gives her a headache.

Принц Чарльз резко осадил беременную Маркл: корону сними

Recallthat in October 2018 Kensington Palace released a statement which announced the pregnancy of the Duchess of Sussex.

It was pointed out that “a child is born in the spring of 2019”. When Megan paid a visit to Birkenhead, the people heard from her, clarifying that the end of pregnancy comes to the end of April.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” during the 12-day tour of the Caribbean Prince of Wales has been several curious cases.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that the child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should soon see the light, but suddenly became aware of one curious detail – the child’s surname is different from the one worn by Harry and Megan.

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