Prince Harry was caught dirty job: will have to repent

Принца Гарри поймали за грязным занятием: придется каяться

The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II broke the stiff Protocol of the Royal court. As you know, Royal family members are prohibited from having accounts in social networks, but Prince Harry ignored the bans and secretly corresponded with the girls online.

This was told Royal biographer Katie Nicholl.

The wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markle deleted the profiles in social networks on the eve of the wedding. However, it turned out that the Duke of Sussex had violated the strict rules and traditions.

Принца Гарри поймали за грязным занятием: придется каяться

How to write the British media, Harry kept up a correspondence with friends under an assumed name in Facebook. This biographer told in his book “William and Harry”. Bogrov Katie Nicole also told me that Prince had a romantic relationship with Chelsea Davy and correspondence with her under the name Spike Wells.

In 2007, when Prince Harry was sent to serve in Afghanistan, he had half an hour to chat with family and friends via satellite. The heir of the Royal family used this time for correspondence in Facebook.

Принца Гарри поймали за грязным занятием: придется каяться

Prince Harry sent love messages. In one of them the Duke of Sussex calls Chelsea Davy and Ginger jokes with her. Katie Nicole believes that thoughts about a loved one helped the Prince to survive in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry left front in February 2008, after media reports emerged about his whereabouts. Presumably, the profile of the grandson of the British Queen in Facebook was deleted seven years ago.

Принца Гарри поймали за грязным занятием: придется каяться

Although this behavior of the throne is not uncommon. Prince Harry has long been famous temper of a rebel. And recently Harry with his wife Meghan Markle trick is not a joke angered her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Preparing for the move into the new mansion, the couple expecting a child, requested to provide their new home independence from the Royal court. This provoked the reaction of the Royal family, which has regarded such a request as a threat to the monarchy.

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Recall, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has spent millions of dollars to repair a new home.

As reported Znayu that revealed the terrible truth about Meghan Markle. With the advent of Markle in the Royal family, will end the era of the British monarchy.

Znayu wrote that granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II after the wedding, was spotted in a strange place. Grandson of Queen Elizabeth II for the first time after the wedding, went out into the world and immediately in this iconic place.

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