Printed on the printer, the robot found a strange fascination

Напечатанный на принтере робот нашел странное увлечение

Assembled from printed on 3D-printer modules the robot learned to skate.

It is reported by the British broadcaster BBC.

Напечатанный на принтере робот нашел странное увлечение

“Have you ever seen such a professional in skating? Scientists have described how the blade behaves on the ice but this smart guy figured out the rest!” – stated in the message.

The developers believe that soon robots can be assembled easily as LEGO building blocks and to do without programming.

According to them, this kind of robots in the future can be used for the delivery of assistance to people and search missions.

Напечатанный на принтере робот нашел странное увлечение

Earlier it was reported that the region China has decided to establish a Committee on the ethics of artificial intelligence. You know, his boss was the Director of the robotics lab of University of science and technology of China Professor Chen Xiaoping.

This became known thanks to the message on the official website of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

It is also worth noting that Chen’s laboratory is known for creating service robot Kejia. Specialist actively supports the idea of establishing ethical standards.

“AI — the only technology able in the future to a very high level of autonomy”, – said Chen Xiaoping.

The scientist emphasizes that now the services based on AI techniques tightly integrated into our routine. Over time, the robots and AI algorithms will become an integral part of life, and until then you need to not only identify the benefits but also to weigh the risks. The Committee’s mission and develop of the project is to warn against the harmful effects of artificial intelligence and to ask the right vector of development.

It is worth mentioning that the company Tesla has released a video detailing demonstrated the Assembly process of the Model 3 electric car factory in Fremont, California. Tesla Model 3 consists of more than 10 thousand components, while in the process partially involved robots.

We will remind, companies from around the globe tested four-day work week: the results are impressive.

As reported Znayu Putin showed “modern robot”. It appeared to be a children’s animator in the costume.

Also Znayu wrote, indistinguishable from the human: the first brain computer stunned the world.

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