Prisoners were dismantled organs without any consent: a macabre tale shocked the world

Заключенных разбирали на органы без какого-либо согласия: жуткая история шокировала мир

In China, people dismantled the organs. Reputable scientific publication within two desetilet researched it and welove that the organs of executed prisoners from China are used for transplantation.

The results of a study published in the journal BMJ Open.

According to them, the period from 2000 to 2017 in the country transplanted organs from executed prisoners 85 477 times. In 99% of cases the authors could not confirm that the organ donor consent to postmortem transplantation. The doctors received permission to transplant organs from relatives of the deceased only in some cases. So only six papers with 445 authors of the studies have shown that doctors obtained the agreement of the donor or his relatives for a transplant.

Заключенных разбирали на органы без какого-либо согласия: жуткая история шокировала мир

A further 19 jobs, who argued that the donation of organs from China were obtained from executed, described the operations carried out up to 2010, when there existed a program of voluntary blood donation at all.

The authorities of the country in 2009 officially recognized the fact that after the execution of the prisoners they literally dismantled the organs. In 2015 the government promised to stop using organs from executed prisoners, but no relevant laws or regulations had not been made.

According to official figures, every year in China is 10 thousand organ transplants, there are only about 150 thousand in 15 years. In turn, the study authors noted that in China for 15 years, there have been about one and a half million organ transplants, and about 300 thousand of them were done in illegal clinics.

The authors have proposed to withdraw from scientific journals articles that do not meet international standards in relation to organ donation. They also believe that there should be a moratorium on publications from China, developing new rules for the conduct and evaluation of research organ transplantation.

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