Prytula for the first time commented on the “divorce” with Freimut: I felt that I threw

Притула впервые прокомментировал "развод" с Фреймут: почувствовал, что меня кинули

Sergey Pritula

The famous Ukrainian showman, TV presenter Sergey Pritula for the first time in a long time commented on the scandal with the odious leading Olga Freimut with which they previously worked together on the “New channel”. Olga was a co-host Sergei in his project “Who’s on top”, in addition, they were friends families.

The details of his divorce with Freimut showman revealed in an interview with the Novel Scripio.

“Not what we were fighting… big cat ran 21 December 2013. Then they were bidding between “pros” and the “New channel” for Olga Freimut – she ended the contract on “New” and she chose where to work further”, – he said.

Притула впервые прокомментировал "развод" с Фреймут: почувствовал, что меня кинули

According to Prytula, the main reason of the scandal was the behavior Freimut, when without warning she left with the New channel 1+1, although for a couple of days before personally promised Sergei to stay at the old place of work, extending the existing contract. Olga did not keep his promises only because of the fact that 1+1 she was offered the best conditions.

“It seems to me that the “pros” were conditions and offers better and 19 December, she signed a contract with “1+1”. All anything, but on December 16, three days before, she personally promised me that you will remain “New channel”, – he added.

Притула впервые прокомментировал "развод" с Фреймут: почувствовал, что меня кинули

Pritula not so much offended, that Freimut encroached on a lot of money, he was more angry that for the act Freimut whole team had to rewrite the script for the show “Who’s on top”, hurriedly to hold auditions for the role of new presenter of the program, which had put the project on “pause”.

“I wouldn’t have bothered her car RA, but in addition to the work leading to the “New channel” I got the position of creative producer for the show “Who’s on top”. This rating shows, there has a large team of editors – they write under the leading. And I specifically felt that I was abandoned. I was very angry, because we stopped the production of the series “Who’s on top”, we were forced to take a break, we held auditions…,” said Prytula.

We will remind, a friend Prytula was officially added to the list of enemies of Ukraine.
The Ministry of culture contributed to the list of people who pose a threat to national security, the Russian TV presenter, star, Comedy Woman Catherine Barnabas.
Catherine together with Sergey Pritula has been leading the project “Who is on top”. However, it was forced to discontinue this cooperation after the SBU forbade him from entering Ukraine.
Pritula, comparing it with the previous host of Olga freymut noted greater professionalism Catherine Barnabas.

As reported by the portal Znayu Prytula found a replacement for Barnabas – his new co-host in the popular show “Who’s on top” became Les Mikityuk.

Also Znayu wrote Prytula showed the “charm” of showbiz – smacks, but nowhere to go.

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