Prytula “killed” March 8: what about the tulips and kisses

Притула "убил" 8 марта: а как же тюльпаны и поцелуи

Well-known representatives of the Ukrainian show-business Sergey Prytula, Natalia Gotsii and Elena-Cristina Swan told why indifferent to International women’s day.

Притула "убил" 8 марта: а как же тюльпаны и поцелуи

“I believe that we, the people, the media, need to stop to promote Soviet rudiments”, – said Sergey Prytula.

Притула "убил" 8 марта: а как же тюльпаны и поцелуи

Sergey Pritula

The model and TV presenter Natalia Gotsii told about the celebration of 8 March.

“First, I lived 10 years in new York, where there is no holiday on March 8. And, secondly, I am absolutely modern woman, without any gender bias. I believe that every day should be a holiday. And no need to paint the calendar red eight, to have a reason to buy yourself flowers. I’m not talking about having to wait for them from someone. Copnty deeper. March 8 – it’s not just women’s day, is a day of female solidarity. Which was created to remind men about equal rights. And not to get them to buy the tulips and the cake. I’m an emancipated woman who does not adhere to the Soviet tradition. And his two sons to him, by the way, is also not taught,” – said Gozi.

Притула "убил" 8 марта: а как же тюльпаны и поцелуи

Elena-Cristina Swan, presenter of the project “Fun in the networks”, also shared their attitude toward “women’s day”.

“I admit, I have a specific attitude to the holidays. I only like the New year is for me by far the party. Still birthday. It so happened that my young husband and celebration constantly. Sometimes funny, sometimes inflammatory, sometimes crazy. Therefore, I do not focus: “So, today, March 8, shaved my legs, made styling, manicure, sitting, not moving, waiting.” Congratulations to the March 8 – so, congratulations. Will do – good. I know we still hug, kiss, nagovorila each other amenities, and nothing else! I’m one of those people who prefer to give gifts than to receive. For me it’s a separate fetish to pick, pack, to imagine how this gift will be perceived. So everything is perfect-perfect.”

Притула "убил" 8 марта: а как же тюльпаны и поцелуи

We will remind, Studio Kvartal 95, presented a special number for International women’s day.

As reported previously Know.ia, Natalia Didenko on his page in Facebook reported what the weather on international women’s day on 8 March.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that “PrivatBank” has informed its customers information, which routine will work the Department on 8 March.

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