Prytula strictly forbid Skrypin: after the scandal with ANNA MARIA: “Roma, not zae**UY”

Притула жестко попустил Скрыпина: после скандала с ANNA MARIA: "Рома, не зае**уй"

During the interview one of the questions, which concerned the occupied Peninsula of Krim artist Duo ANNA MARIA spoke extremely outrageous on the current status of the Peninsula. During the conversation, from the lips of the young singers sounded ambiguous statements: “Ukraine has lost the Crimea, but the Crimea is Crimea.” These words greatly angered Skrypin. After an interview with a resonant responses of Roman Skrypin doverosa not long to wait. He posted a message in one of his blogs, where the journalist described his vision of and attitude towards the National selection. Also Roman Skrypin persistently said that such things should be considered in the SBU. He was disappointed that artists with such National consciousness “sing to Jamala, which won the Eurovision song contest with the song 1944”. Past that, the journalist commented on the stellar jury, who also got under the hot hand. Skrypin chose to do this rather rigid form, which few people liked, especially the leading show of the national selection Eurovision Sergey Pritula.

Притула жестко попустил Скрыпина: после скандала с ANNA MARIA: "Рома, не зае**уй"

“There Jamal? Crimean Tatar singer won with the song in 1944, which opened the eyes? And now Saratoga sing for Jamala? I do. What, generally, happens? To Danilko I have no issues. The man is a hit. This is a twisted version of Alla Pugacheva for “the Ukraine”. I have no questions to “Dummy” (real name – Evgeny Filatov). Donetsk. After the word ” D ” should be a point. I know them. But Jamal? How so? Leading Sergey Pritula? Patriot? To the front gives the money, but the emphasis is not sees a fifth column? How so?
– said Roman Skrypin “.

This review immediately responded presenter Sergey Pritula, who for the second year in a row, has a popular vocal show in Ukraine. Showman said that the auditions for the national selection and the more does not determine who is singing and who isn’t. Noted that only holds a contest. In turn after each presentation star parties Sergey Pritula talked with them and questioned them about the tour in Russia or intervention in Crimea.

Притула жестко попустил Скрыпина: после скандала с ANNA MARIA: "Рома, не зае**уй"

“Roma, not for*the buoy, and then all under*to grow one you’re d’artagnan… I’m not casting and do not define, to sing, and who will not. There is a separate people. As a person in the mind, I thought it necessary to convey information about a number of performers (members of the national selection) that are touring Russia,
– said Sergey Prytula “.

Long wait on the response of the journalist Roman Skrypin was not necessary. He replied in no less rudely than the last time. In this commentary Skrypin noted that Sergey Pritula, if you want, could ask the controversial Actresses on ” health nurse, not coughing “, which in social networks is on the protection of the occupants. And hinted at salient Sergiy Prytula from the Victor M. ” a short leash “. Skrypin said that people believe lead and he could publicly demonstrate the position of the performers.

We will remind, earlier ” Know.Eeyore “wrote about how the duet” Anna-Maria, favorites vocal show “Eurovision” was supported by Russia.

Also “Znayu” reported stained reportaze, duet ” Anna-Maria “. Girls disgraced themselves for an interview by Skrypnyk.

Earlier “Znayu” informed about how Crimea asks Ukraine to take it back to him.

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