Psychic from Volgograd prophesied the fate of head of the DND Zakharchenko

Seer Elina Glazunov advises newly-official leader of the DND Denis Pushilin to closely scrutinize their own environment, as close associates are capable of betrayal.

Ясновидящая из Волгограда напророчила главе ДНР судьбу Захарченко


Psychic from Volgograd says that if the head of the DND will not follow her advice, it awaits the fate of Alexander Zakharchenko. Elina Glazunov convinced of the deceased head of the DNI betrayed comrades. Now many of them are in power and Pushilin should know better. Clairvoyant also spoke about the future of Donbass. She was sure, the South-Eastern part of Ukraine in the future will continue to focus on Russia.

According to the predictions of the Greeks Glazunov, war in Donbass will last for another five years. During this time, the warring parties must share all resources and only after that there will be peace.

The new leader of the DNR chose 12 Nov. The Republic is headed by Denis Pushilin. Former leader Alexander Zakharchenko died in the summer, having received damage in the explosion.

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