Pugachev accused in the death of Aspen: black label envy

Пугачеву обвинили в смерти Осина: черная метка зависти

In the death of singer Evgeniya Osina blame the jealousy of the prima Donna of the Russian platform Alla Pugacheva.

This was stated by the producer Valery Zharov in the program “Farewell” on channel “TV Center”.

Пугачеву обвинили в смерти Осина: черная метка зависти

In his opinion, Aspen could bring to despair the lack of demand on the stage of a “black mark” diva. We are talking about Pugacheva’s concert in 1997, during which ocean received an ovation for his performance. He sang his hit “Love the one to blame”, while the artist was singing to him in the hall.

Пугачеву обвинили в смерти Осина: черная метка зависти

Evgeny Osin

After that, Aspen was not invited to the filming of the popular programs that time “Old songs about the main” and “pushed” from show business. Because of the despair the singer had a drinking problem, which worsened the situation.

“I very strongly swore. But apparently it’s jealousy Pugachev. All her life she was. Eugene sang “Love the one to blame” so that Pugacheva need to learn to sing from him.” Valery Zharov

We will remind, the sister of the famous Russian artist Eugene Osina, who died recently in his apartment, revealed important details of his death.

The sister of singer Albina said that shortly before his death, talked with the artist. According to her, the ocean left the light on in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Albina was the man who discovered Aspen dead in his apartment. She tried to call my brother, but he did not respond to phone calls. Then the nurse decided for him to come back.

“Jack was lying on the couch with a glass in hand.”

Пугачеву обвинили в смерти Осина: черная метка зависти

Previously, the portal wrote that the Russian singer refused to participate in the program, dedicated to the legend of the 90s, who recently passed away, due to the fact that she refused to pay for it.

As it became known, Natalia Shturm has not agreed to participate in the filming of the program dedicated to Eugene Ono, one of the Orthodox channels. The singer did not want to share memories without fee in the amount of 30 thousand rubles (more than 12.5 thousand UAH).

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, died iconic American musician Roy Clark, whose name made the Hall of fame.

The portal also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that in Russia there was a famous actor, star of the film “the Quiet don” Sergey Urticina.

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