Pugachev was operated on urgently by a reputed surgeon

Пугачеву срочно прооперировал известный хирург

Alla Pugacheva

The famous Russian singer Alla Pugacheva performed emergency surgery in Moscow. At the moment of her life threatens nothing.

Thursday, February 21, the Russian media reported that 69-year-old Alla Pugacheva because of heart problems, had surgery at the Moscow Institute of Vishnevsky.

According to reports, the Diva was hospitalized with complaints of acute chest pain. After the examination, the physicians made the decision about surgical intervention. The doctors discovered that the singer of heart rhythm disorders.

The operation, according to Russian media, held a leading surgeon of the Institute, expert of world renown academician Bagrat Alekyan.

Пугачеву срочно прооперировал известный хирург

At the same time, Pugacheva all the data about hospitalization and operations categorically denies, calling this information with DW.

In particular, the Russian “5 channel” reports that Director singer Catherine Chuprakova said – in any clinics Alla Pugacheva was not just “stayed”. And generally feels great.

However, the health status of a legend of Russian and Soviet music raises many questions among the many millions of fans of the Diva. Moreover, food for the rumors there are more. So, guests of the show Philip Kirkorov in Moscow, which was attended by Alla, drew attention to the behavior of suspended and wobbly gait Pugacheva. And during the filming of the program in honor of the anniversary of Igor Nikolaev, singer and all urgently left the Studio due to a sharp deterioration of health.

Пугачеву срочно прооперировал известный хирург

We will remind, fans of the prima Donna of the Russian stage seriously concerned about the appearance of the singer after he saw her at the premiere of “pilgrim” together with her husband Maxim Galkin.

As reported by the portal Znayu Alla Pugacheva has told about his illness

Also Znayu wrote that Pugachev did not come to the funeral decl: did not find the strength to see “my boy” in a coffin.

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