Pugacheva experienced sexual attraction to Galkin during Dating

The singer became interested in the impersonator at the party of friends.

Пугачева испытала сексуальное влечение к Галкину во время знакомства


Alla Pugacheva has told about the acquaintance with her current husband Maxim Galkin. The soloist had experienced sexual attraction to him while dancing. Galkin showed activity and first approached the singer. He asked her to dance, and she agreed. Pugachev says that between them ran a “spark”. It was not love, but a desire to have sex. When Pugachev got acquainted with Galkin, she was married to Philip Kirkorov. However, the relationship between husband and wife at the time left much to be desired. The fans of the stars of show business knew that their life together is coming to an end and then they will go different ways.

Maxim Galkin Pugacheva charmed. Once the singer has caused her admirer to have a Frank conversation. If they have not registered the relationship officially. Pugachev wanted to know if she could grow old with comedian without fear of betrayal. Galkin convinced the artist in the honesty of his intentions and then she began to trust him.

Pugacheva married parodist only in 2011, although together they have 16 years. In 2017 Galkin and Donna were married, and a crown over the head of a comedian during a Church ceremony was held by the composer Igor Nikolaev.