Pugacheva in a leather mini showed role-playing Galkin

Пугачева в кожаном мини показала ролевые игры с Галкиным

The famous singer Alla Pugacheva prefers not to publish in social networks the details of his personal life, but it’s love makes the beloved husband Maxim Galkin. The comedian is a frequent contributor to Instagram a cute photo of his family.

Maxim recently showed how Alla was going shopping with her daughter Lisa. It is worth noting that on walking 69-year-old Diva dressed in a very / in a short black skirt, jacket and hat. Galkin the question about where they are going with Alla, Lisa said that they will buy gifts for mom.

“Today only a little of my completely weekend in February without shooting and concerts. Walked with Garik. Lisa went with mom to the store for gifts for me and Garik on February 23. When I asked Lisa where they she tried to hide as best they could, the purpose of the trip,” writes the comedian.

In the comments, the fans showered the family with compliments, especially got the children Lisa and Harry.

“You have a very beautiful and intelligent kids. And you’re great parents. All the time watch and enjoy for your family. All the best to you”, “beautiful babies… the Parents peace and longevity!!!”,
“Lisa is lovely! Great conspirator!”, “Alla Borisovna looks great”, “Lisa has clearly singing voice in the mother. Can already hear the power. My ears I was not summing up”, “charismatic girl… Garik – cheerful, always happy, happy boy. The soul of the company… Papkin pet… Joke… Both are equally favorite!!!”, write enthusiastic users.

We will remind, the daughter Pugacheva Orbakaite ridiculed for the bad photo.

Earlier Znayu reported, Alla Pugacheva supports Ukraine in the conflict with Russia. This opinion was expressed by a prominent Ukrainian journalist and TV presenter Dmitry Gordon in the TV channel “112”.

Also Znayu wrote, Alla Pugacheva admitted that they have long been suffering with diabetes. In order to live longer, she needs to eat less.

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