Pugacheva told how she fell in love with Galkina

Pugacheva was in the program told about the first acquaintance with Galkin.

Пугачева рассказала, как она влюбилась в Галкина

Pugachev said that the acquaintance with her current husband held in 2001. Galkin was performed at the concert “Slavic Bazaar”. The initiator of the Dating Divas Galkin became her current husband, Philip. 3 years after this acquaintance Alla and Philip divorced, and Galkin had a chance to get his beloved. Pugachev said that he felt like someone was looking at her she turned and saw a young Galkina. She glared in his direction, but Galkin’t even looked away and just winked and smiled. It was then, said the singer, in her body ran a “discharge current”. Then Diva and realized that the feeling from the first sight became love.