Puma not who he was: a man strangled a wild predator with bare hands

Пума не на того напала: мужчина задушил дикого хищника голыми руками

In the mountains of Colorado American while Jogging suddenly were attacked by Cougars, then the man was forced to come to grips with the animal and strangled him, reports the BBC.

As stated in the official report, the man fled and at the same time he heard behind him a noise. Then he turned and this time it ran mountain lion. Crazed animal began to bite the man, but he did manage to escape. Moreover, the man killed the Cougar, managed to get out of the Park, and then called for help.

Пума не на того напала: мужчина задушил дикого хищника голыми руками

It is also reported that American received in the result of the fight seriously injured, but they did not threaten his life. Injured arms, legs, back and face of the American.

Some time later, the police found a dead Cougar. She was immature male, which weighed about 36 kg. the Cause of death was strangulation.

It should be noted that Cougars, which are also known as Panthers or mountain lions, belong to the family of wild cats, and live throughout America. According to the statement of officials, attacks by mountain lions in North America are extremely rare – in the last 100 years their number does not exceed 20.

Пума не на того напала: мужчина задушил дикого хищника голыми руками

We will remind, earlier it was noted that Paris had a massive fire, which claimed many lives. According to local authorities, the tragedy occurred on the morning of Tuesday, February 5, in the trendy area of the city. The police reported that the cause of the nightmare was the 40-year-old woman who suffered from a mental disorder.

As reported by the portal “Znayu”: the people of Northern Ireland are dying EN masse from fakes popular anti anxiety. The pathologist Joe McCracken said that says the death that is associated with alprazolamum (a drug that goes by the brand name Xanax), almost every week. Most of the deaths caused by fake versions of which sell on the black market.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that on Tuesday, February 5, in China celebrated the New year, while the population of the country will be celebrating it for 15 days. In the country the holiday marks the awakening of nature, the beginning of spring and the beginning of sowing works.

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