Putin became a hero of ridicule in social networks: a space superpower is catching up

Путин стал героем насмешек в соцсетях: космическая сверхдержава не догоняет

Russian cosmodrome “East” can never finish – just “pull budget money,” writes Politeka. This was written the message the Angry inhabitant of Odessa on the page in Facebook:

“To observe the convulsions in the Russian cosmonautics, overrated at times, to be honest, very interesting. Indeed, immediately after the loud statements of different kinds of officials, about the plans and achievements, should be cold, sobering shower of harsh reality”.

As you know, the media spread information after the statement Rogozin about the fact that in 2019 the Russian cosmonauts will not be able to start with a “grandiose project of the century – the cosmodrome “East”. All because a blogger writes that it has not yet completed.

Путин стал героем насмешек в соцсетях: космическая сверхдержава не догоняет

Browser added:

“Yes, the spaceport, which is planned to finally pass in the first quarter of this year, still is only a quarter. Of the 19 planned facilities on the “East” is fully ready only 5! Interestingly, Roscosmos requests the government of the Russian Federation for a bit of money for the completion. Given the fact that there is a need to build, roughly speaking, 75% of the objects, it is not “a little”. And remembering that as of 2015 “Eastern” has already been allocated 180 billion rubles, how much will be spent on further completion is possible to guess only”.

Путин стал героем насмешек в соцсетях: космическая сверхдержава не догоняет

The blogger writes that all these settings only “pull taxpayers ‘money”:

“Wherefore, pensioners of the Russian Federation need a little more to string up. The same who will never retire – you need to work harder, because the future space superpower depends on them! At the end of it all, at the expense of someone “Roscosmos” will be able to feed in the era of total impoverishment of the country’s economic peak?

Well, in September of last year I wrote in the article “space center “South” as a Ghost of the Russian space” that this Grand construction is transformed into an expensive, but useless toy, which will soon be used not only for launches, but for filming post-apocalyptic movies. At least some will benefit. Now I’m sure more than 146%”.

We will remind, the Crimean bridge off the shores: that’s all.

As reported by “Know.ia”, “Big shot” Putin from Moscow exploded near Gorlovka, urgent rescue helicopter.

Previously “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Ukraine will take Russia, the Caucasus and the Kuban power. History will not argue.

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