Putin has destroyed tens of tons of “European” food: slipping in the middle ages

У Путина уничтожили десятки тонн "европейской" еды: скатываемся в средневековье

In the network a scandal erupted due to the destruction of Russia’s sanctions tens of tons of apples from Poland.

This information was reported by the blogger Vitauskas on his page in the social network, reports “about Politics.”

“The main problem of Russia is that the Internet can not be proudly squashed with a bulldozer or other “mechanical means”. the message reads

У Путина уничтожили десятки тонн "европейской" еды: скатываемся в средневековье

It is worth noting that in the photo you can see a few dozen crates of apples that will soon hit by a bulldozer. However, netizens found in articulated figures is an interesting nuance.

“the feeling that it’s not apples and cocaine. Told first that will be 20 tons. Probably stolen”, “animals”, “well, Yes, to destroy is easier than to schools in order to breed”, “it is an abomination”, “slipping in the middle ages, … and will have very bast to sew, because this Nimrod wants a figure of the West show”. write in the comments

У Путина уничтожили десятки тонн "европейской" еды: скатываемся в средневековье

Vladimir Putin

We will remindthat Vladimir Putin has lost the favor of the Russians. The Russian President once again promised to raise teachers ‘ salaries, but his words do not believe even the staunchest supporters.

One very famous of the Kremlin the journalist decided to publish the dialogue that took place between Putin and the head of the Ministry of education and science of Russia Olga Vasilyeva.

Putin once again stated that teachers ‘ salaries should not be lower than average, depending on the economy in the regions. What Vasiliev said that teachers are amazing people who deserve the best. Then the Russian President stressed several times that it is necessary to monitor the level of teachers ‘ salaries, not to praise them.

Previously, the portal wrotethat Putin has broken the bottom of his ridiculous advice rosiyanam.

As previously reported, “Znayu” Russian blogger predicted the sad fate of the Crimea.

Also “Znayu” wrote that Putin ran on the new sanctions.

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