Putin responded to the criticism in the West about the elections in Donbass

According to the head of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian authorities are not able to solve the problem of war in the Donbass.

Путин ответил на критику Запада по поводу выборов на Донбассе

At the final press conference after the East Asia summit, Vladimir Putin said that the leaders of the West should not condemn the elections in LC and DNR, and the politically motivated murder of citizens of these republics during the armed conflict that has lasted for 4.5 years. At the request of Vladimir, he had not heard that these killings were condemned by anyone from the Western countries.

Experts believe that this statement by Vladimir Putin pointed out the hypocrisy of the West towards the Donbas.

The Kremlin believes that the elections in the unrecognized republics is a legitimate right of the residents of Donbass and called for new heads of republics to fulfill the obligations of their predecessors.

The Russian leader also said he was ready to cooperate with the new Ukrainian government despite the fact one elected by the people of Ukraine in the upcoming elections. He hoped that the new government of Ukraine will choose a peaceful solution to the conflict in the country.

Elections in DND and LNR took place on November 11. According to their results, was selected Denis Pushilin and Leonid beekeeper as heads of republics.