Putin’s daughter has defended the dissertation under the tacit approval of the Commission: nobody make a sound

Дочь Путина защитила диссертацию под молчаливое одобрение комиссии: никто и не пикнул

Ekaterina Tikhonova

The “secret” daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin became a candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences.

Katerina Tikhonova, which is considered the youngest daughter of Putin on Friday, may 24 defended his thesis in Moscow state University.

Thesis sounds solid: “the Mathematical problem of correcting the activity of the vestibular mechanoreceptors”. In the spotlight – creating devices that will help pilots and astronauts who work in extreme conditions, better navigate the space.

Дочь Путина защитила диссертацию под молчаливое одобрение комиссии: никто и не пикнул

For the assignment of a Ph. D. the members of the Commission voted unanimously, none of those present at the defense criticized the work, and the only scientist who had questions for the thesis, to the defense could not get there.

Before the defense hall of the Moscow state University gathered dozens of journalists and TV crews, but the videos and photos they do banned. Academic employees are generally allowed on the closed lists.

To get into the building and tried Givi Gorgiladze, Professor, Institute of biomedical problems, Russian Academy of Sciences. But to the surprise of the scientist, to get in the building without a pass he could not (according to the regulations on admission to MSU to get on the defense if libertatia happy will make willing in the special list).

Дочь Путина защитила диссертацию под молчаливое одобрение комиссии: никто и не пикнул

Gorgiladze he long explored the vestibular apparatus, has defended his candidate’s dissertation On “vestibular function: some electrophysical aspects” and sent into space snails. But the work Tikhonova he criticized. He noticed that all publications Tikhonova made in collaboration, a fully independent work she doesn’t. In addition, it confuses Tikhonova mathematician, and the study of the vestibular apparatus, according to str, requires a detailed knowledge of the structure of the brain. He had other matters to Tikhonova but ask he would have taken the stairs of Moscow state University.

Meanwhile, Tikhonov, successfully defended his PhD degree. All 18 members of the Commission voted “”. Thus, questions for Putin’s daughter did not have a members of the dissertation Council or in official opponents. One speaker even said that the scientist “was ahead of its time in 100 years.”

We will remind, Putin is preparing the heir to the throne: on Russian television first showed his youngest daughter, which is very similar to the aggressor

As reported by the portal Znayu Putin’s daughter will drive the genes of Russians – Maria Vorontsov was appointed to the Board on the genetics.

Also Znayu wrote,journalists published photos of the overseas Palace of the ex-wife of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

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