Putin’s main Communist publicly kissed “cistern”: photo

Главный путинский коммунист публично поцеловал "сливной бачок": фото

Gennady Zyuganov

The network sharply ridiculed the propaganda of Russian President Vladimir Putin Olga Skobeeva, which were photographed with “duck” lips.

The corresponding photo appeared on Twitter.

It should be noted that the published pictures show that Putin’s propaganda Skobeevo kisses the main Russian Communists Gennady Zyuganov. The photo immediately caused a storm of ridicule in the network.

Главный путинский коммунист публично поцеловал "сливной бачок": фото

In particular, users have tried their hand at humor. Some noted that the propaganda Skobeeva despite the total hatred of the United States just hung products of the American Corporation Apple.

“Hung the hated American iPhone! But what about buckles?”, “Superspecies grandfather”, “SIC as drunk all to push for a cuddle go” “So the expression “SIC SIC” that’s him!”, “Duck walked on lunch toilet tank”, “the Most interesting that it says the toilet hung last pindoskih gadgets”, “Zyuganov needs to take sex training from Zhirik”, “But what about the moral code of the Builder of communism”, “EW gross.”

Главный путинский коммунист публично поцеловал "сливной бачок": фото

It will be recalled that the scandalous Putin’s propaganda Olga Skobeeva declared readiness to run for President of Ukraine. It is worth noting that their campaign commercial she has published in the Ukrainian language during the broadcast of the controversial propaganda program.

She Skobeeva stated that the reason for the extension was that the Ukrainian people allegedly does not see a worthy candidate.

We will remind, the chief propagandist of Putin Olga Skobeeva does not get tired to invent new fakes about Ukraine, which are contrary to basic rules of common sense.

As reported “Znayu” the propaganda of the Russian Federation Olga Skobeeva in the air its controversial show “60 minutes” stated that Ukraine for Russia is lost.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that the controversial co-host of the program “60 minutes” Evgeny Popov did not respond to questions from Ukrainian journalists about the honor of his wife. Husband top propagandist of the Kremlin Olga Skobeeva couldn’t protect her honor live.

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