Putin’s propaganda Skobeeva crashed in a terrible accident

Путинская пропагандистка Скабеева разбилась в страшном ДТП

Today in Moscow in a traffic accident at an intersection was seriously injured Kremlevskaya propagandist Skobeeva.

This sends Agrimpasa

Путинская пропагандистка Скабеева разбилась в страшном ДТП

That the accident came Skobeeva, said one of the participants of the accident, and he also called an ambulance for the victim. Moreover, Skobeeva itself and provoked the accident.

Many users have wondered whether or not this Olga Skobeeva, which is one of the main promoters of Russia, but the man provided information about an accident, said an ellipsis

We will remind, Putin’s propaganda sent to sniff armpits the last time she liked

Russian propaganda Olga Skobeeva gagged, Recalling how in 2015, Poroshenko guard poked her shoulder to silence her.

The video was posted on Twitter “Donald Trump”

As previously reported, “Znayu” Propaganda Skobeeva threw a fit in the air: in our Ukraine

Russian TV presenter Olga Skobeeva made the controversial statement live propaganda talk show “60 minutes” on the channel “Russia 1”. The odious journalist said that our Ukraine, the streets will never be named in honor of Bandera and Shukhevych.

“During the great Patriotic war killed 10 million Ukrainians, and I will not allow in our Ukraine was Bandera street Bandera and Shukhevych,” said Skobeeva.

Also “Znayu” wrote that the Scandalous Russian rezhissersha kicked out from Ukraine: show “Russian spring”, Putin

The scandalous Russian registers Svetlana Rezvushkina, which has made propaganda film about the so-called “Russian spring”, not allowed on the territory of Ukraine.

Reported by the Ukrainian blogger Karl Volokh.

The report said that the controversial Russian film Director Svetlana Rezvushkina, who made a film about the “Russian spring”, was denied entry to Ukraine.

In the context of this news Karl Volokh said that most touched by the cause of the arrival of the propagandists in our “dangerous fascist Russophobic country.”

According to the blogger, Rezvushkina explained that he came to Ukraine to meet with a friend mom

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