Putin’s trolls have invented a new way to impede elections – Bloomberg

Путинские тролли придумали новый способ помешать выборам, - Bloomberg

Russian trolls have changed the strategy for intervention in future elections – they create false profiles, in order to promote the political squabbling instead of spreading propaganda.

“Instead of having to create content yourself, we can see that they share content,” – said the Director of analytical analysis in FireEye Inc John Hultquist.

Путинские тролли придумали новый способ помешать выборам, - Bloomberg

About it reports Bloomberg.

“It gives them the opportunity to hide behind someone else,” adds John.

Hackers break into computers and using them to create profiles on social networks, increase followers and likes – this creates the illusion of a “real” profile, according to the researcher threats in Symantec Corp Candida will Wuest.

He adds that he noticed a decrease in the creation of new content with the help of fake profiles from 2017 to 2018. In their place came the creation of numerous subscribers, which can be used for advertising messages, “split the society”, already in the elections of 2020.

Путинские тролли придумали новый способ помешать выборам, - Bloomberg


Social networks are the main way to influence “foreign players” in the elections, says the Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation United States Christopher ray.

It is worth Recalling that US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that Russia occupied Crimea should be back under the full control of Ukraine.

About it reports “Hvil”.

In addition, the Secretary of state said that the United States consistently condemned the annexation of Crimea and the war in the Donbass.

Путинские тролли придумали новый способ помешать выборам, - Bloomberg

“Five years ago, the Russian occupation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula has escalated Russian aggression. Russia tried to destroy the international order, undermine basic human freedoms and weakening our common security,” Pompeo recalled.

We will remind, the Russian security forces attacked Ukrainian law enforcement officers: an eye for an eye

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