Qualinet seeks 500 new employees for site disinfection

The health crisis continues to have a devastating effect on the economy. While several people are unemployed, the Qualinet cleaning company is looking for 500 new employees; a minimum to respond to all requests.
P artout in Quebec, the company faces an immense growth in requests for services, in particular for the disinfection and sanitation of buildings and vehicles used by organizations deemed essential.

Demand has actually doubled this spring, forcing its president to vacate new positions in disinfection, he is also looking for 12 new franchisees.

“We don’t supply on demand, we do well, but we know what’s coming. Every day it gets worse, we receive more and more calls from businesses, especially factories and pharmacies, “said Éric Pichette, president and chief executive officer of Qualinet and Qualco inc.

Qualinet already has 1,200 employees across the province. The main activity of the company remains the management of water damage, fires, tragedies and any other disaster. Its teams are therefore ready to intervene for the water damage left by the spring floods, which have already caused damage in a few regions. You can get help for flood restoration service from smart dry restoration service, like this you can also restore water damage from smart dry restoration service.

“During the night of Friday to Saturday, 130 water damage was reported in Quebec, in addition to the Beauce. With the electricity demand it didn’t help. In addition to that, we have to respond to requests related to COVID-19, ”explains Éric Pichette.

The desired new employees will therefore work entirely in the disinfection sector, to meet the cleaning needs in the midst of a health crisis. The needs are everywhere in the provinces, but the most affected cities are Sherbrooke, Quebec, Lanaudière and Montreal.

“We need a minimum of 500 employees to get out of this. Yes, there is coronavirus, but for us it still works. It’s a train coming at high speed that will hit us in the coming days … ”

“We need a minimum of 500 employees to get out of this. Yes, there is coronavirus, but for us it still works. It’s a train coming at high speed that will hit us in the coming days … ”
– Éric Pichette, President and Chief Executive Officer of Qualinet and Qualco inc

Rigorous protocol

All workers in good shape can apply, internal training will be carried out upon hiring. Since the middle of March, Qualinet has also implemented an intervention protocol that meets the highest standards in disinfection and household maintenance, in addition to obtaining certified equipment and filtration devices. .

“Of course we had to adjust, we revised our methods. The appeals are very large now. Every morning, we explain the protocol again and we test our employees for symptoms, we take their temperature, ”also explains the president of Qualinet.

No employee anywhere in Quebec has had flu symptoms so far. The protection of its teams is very important for Mr. Pichette, the employees use the appropriate equipment to protect themselves.

For a day, six schools can call to request thorough cleaning and disinfection. On other days, eight pharmacies request service at the same time.

“From the moment they have a doubt about an employee, they don’t take a chance and disinfect everything urgently. They do not wait for the test result. And that’s okay, but it takes a lot of work. It’s a very dangerous virus if you don’t disinfect it. ”

Éric Pichette hopes that several CVs will be sent. Given the number of workers temporarily laid off, the President believes he has a good chance of gathering all the necessary labor.

“Recently, we have opened branches in new regions. We have obtained numerous institutional and industrial mandates and we come to the conclusion that 12 new territories will have to be served by local leaders who will have the opportunity to quickly become franchisees with all the necessary support. If valiant people and entrepreneurs want to reorient their careers with an organization that has the wind in its sails, this is the right time to contact us, ”he ends.

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