Quarter 95 refused Zelensky: the servant of the people easily found a replacement

Квартал 95 отказался от Зеленского: слуге народа легко нашли замену

The Studio “95 quarter” intrigued the audience, saying that the actor and the leader of the “Quarter” Vladimir Zelensky, who no longer up to the scene. Zelensky now moved into politics and busy with improving the ratings, drawing up election programmes and the conquest of electoral sympathies, and in General, being prepared for the elections, which are already on the nose.

But “95 quarter” also wants to live, and he needed fresh blood. So, on Saturday, March 2, kicks off the new season of “Laugh comedian. Children.” On this “kvartalova” reported on the official page in Facebook, reports the publication of Politek.

Eugene Mishka remains in the program and will give participants money for good jokes. But in the poster program instead of Vladimir Zelensky featured a black silhouette. The intrigue will be revealed only in the new issue!

Квартал 95 отказался от Зеленского: слуге народа легко нашли замену

“Friends, this Saturday at 18:30 starts the new season of “Laugh comedian. Children” with the new referees! Who will be the new colleague Eugene and vengeance will be trying not to laugh with witty jokes young comedians? The one who guesses correctly, give a cool notebook for a year from the Studio “Quarter-95″ with the autographs of our legendary comedians Zelensky and Koshevoi,” — said in the message.

Ukrainians have left under the post more than a thousand, commentaries, trying to guess the new leader: lists all the “Quarter” Ukrainian top politicians, and even some of the oligarchs.

“I’ll be glad to any new lead, because it would mean that Zelensky – President!”, “Poroshenko! Castling!”, “”Igor Lastochkin, but in General it is necessary Lesya Nikityuk!””, “Ivan Lubenov from “Stejanovci”. Or Igor Lastochkin!”, — fans suggest.

But there are skeptics who believe that a mystery is nothing more than a PR stunt: “Zelensky will remain. It’s all to raise interest.”

We will remind, earlier the portal reported another loud the substitution of the creative team of the popular show. So, “Diesel Show” showed a new member: who was replaced by Marina Poplavskaya.

We will remind, Zelensky, Yulia Tymoshenko, Hrytsenko presented the plan for Ukraine.

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As reported by “Know.ia”, Country dreams Zelensky came alive in the Quarter of 95. “Know.Eeyore” wrote campaign Zelensky compared with the series “servant of the people”.

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