“Quarter 95” showed how Poroshenko watched the new year’s statement Zelensky

"Квартал 95" показал, как Порошенко смотрел новогоднее заявление Зеленского

Igor Lastochkin Anatoly Celkovym on the “League of laughter”

The artists of the Studio “Kvartal 95” show, as Petro Poroshenko was watching the new year’s statement Zelensky.

At the festival of humor “the League of laughter” was done by Igor Lastochkin along with his team. In one of the rooms, the artists demonstrated how the new year statement of the candidate in presidents Vladimir Zelensky influenced Petro Poroshenko.

Igor Lastochkin with Anatoliy Celkovym played an ironic scene in which showed how the Petro Poroshenko together with his wife watched on channel “1+1” Christmas performance Zelensky and what passions caused the statement of the comedian in residence of the couple.

5 minutes before the New year watching the annual new year’s celic “pop on all channels,” the President with his wife, flipping channels, and suddenly encounter a statement Zelensky is the speech Poroshenko …. And then it began!

Recall Zelensky addressed to Ukrainians on the big screen.

In his speech, the presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky has made many important statements and comments. And began his speech Zelensky with the words: “In this bag there is a unnecessary thing. Buy it. No, do not buy? Why it works in politics?”.

As reported by the portal Znayu, Zelensky again wiped his nose Tymoshenko and Poroshenko: Ukrainians on his side.

In the polls leading Ukrainian showman Vladimir Zelensky. He enjoyed the highest confidence among the presidential candidates.

Also Znayu wrote Yuri Tkach shared a video, which clearly showed that its annoying on the Ukrainian roads

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