Quebec City is laying off a quarter of its employees

The global crisis of COVID-19 forces the layoff of 2000 non-regular employees of Quebec City, or 27% of its workforce.
The e Mayor Régis Labeaume explained that the decision of his administration, one of the first if not the first to do so in Quebec among major cities, was made necessary for reasons of “non-necessity and fairness to citizens who have them – even lost their jobs ”.

The City has 7,300 employees, including 5,200 permanent employees. A first wave of 1,600 layoffs took place at the end of the last week, and another 400 learned the bad news on Tuesday. They are non-regular employees from all spheres of activity.

“There are seasonal workers like others who worked full time, white-collar workers like blue-collar workers, professionals, recreation staff,” said the mayor.

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