Queen Elizabeth worried about the health of Prince Charles media

Depression of Prince Charles and his conflict with his wife has forced to worry Queen Elizabeth, transmit foreign media.

Королева Елизавета переживает за здоровье принца Чарльза – СМИ

Insiders Buckingham Palace has informed that 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth is not a joke worries about the health of his main heir Prince Charles, who in November of the current year was exactly 70 years. According to the media, Prince recently very upset and going through depression because of his lawful wife the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla. Sources report that the couple have all the time there are conflicts that can even lead to divorce.

For this reason, Charles more and more time trying not to hold in his castle in Scotland, namely with Meghan Markle in London. It is reported that the Prince became good friends with his sister, which in the spring of 2019 will give him a grandchild.