Queen injects idles Tarzan: the Social network “dropped” lazy stripper

Users have come to the conclusion that the head of the star family is clearly not a man.

Королева вкалывает, Тарзан бездельничает: Соцсети «опустили» ленивого стриптизера


Social networks have long expressed their rather negative attitude toward Tarzan, but after his recent publication of these sentiments only worsened. Users are convinced in one thing – Natasha Koroleva in the family sticks to the fullest, while Tarzan only idles, laying one selfie after another.

He posted in his microblog photo, which depicted in a swimsuit and a fur cap. Thus he gives the honour, noting that he is ready to protect some “secret bunkers”. Its immediate earnings it has absolutely nothing to do. That’s why fans of the Queen began to “drop” the lazy, in their opinion, the stripper. So as the financial status of the family held not only one singer, Tarzan should promote his own person, in order to quickly get back in the game, especially because now it’s time to start the Christmas holidays, when invited strippers to the party – a common practice.

Королева вкалывает, Тарзан бездельничает: Соцсети «опустили» ленивого стриптизера


Natasha Koroleva, in turn, loaded themselves with work to complete the program and did not think to relax, unlike her husband. From February to may she has a string of concerts, most of which will be held in Germany where the singer is going to entertain the Russian-speaking audience. In this case, not taken into account the new year holidays, on which the Queen is always welcome. Tarzan, what is the distribution of roles in the family, apparently not too worried about that really annoys fans of the singer.