Raptors Chris Boucher sorry for breaking quarantine rules

Toronto Raptors Quebec winger Chris Boucher is sorry he broke the quarantine rules to buy some food in Toronto, a little prank that was captured in a photo by a surfer who then shared it on the social media.
In a conference call on Wednesday, the basketball player returned to the matter. “We had all been tested for COVID-19 in the team and as my test was negative, I did not realize that I still had to wait two weeks at home before going out,” he explained to media.

Boucher said he had no intention of putting anyone in danger. “No one wants to have the virus or give it to someone. We were coming back from a 12 day road trip and I needed to buy things to survive! I didn’t just want to eat using Uber Eats. ”

Boucher said he became more interested in the coronavirus and its spread after this event. “I did a lot of research and I understood that there is really a difference between being infected and infecting others, that people can be asymptomatic and still infect others”, he continues, ensuring that now , people are responsible for shopping for him.


Since then, Boucher has also taken the initiative to challenge young people from Montréal-Nord, where he grew up after being born on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, to raise their awareness of the disease by making a video posted on the platform. – Snapchat form.

“It was my initiative, it was not the team that asked me to do that. I found that in the United States, the disadvantaged African-American population was more affected by the disease. I know myself, and I know that if I were younger, I would find it hard to contain myself. I wanted to send the message that we can be reached, regardless of age, ”he continues.

Due to the crisis, Boucher remained in Toronto and did not visit his family in Montreal. “When I came back, I was quarantined, so the best thing for me is to stay in Toronto. I do not travel. I talk to them on the phone and with the Zoom app and luckily everyone is fine, everyone is healthy. ”

“We had all been tested for COVID-19 in the team and since my test was negative, I didn’t realize that I still had to wait two weeks at home before going out. ”
– Chris Boucher

A shock

Boucher admits having taken the suspension of the National Basketball Association (NBA) season, the first of the major North American circuits to take such a decision because of the pandemic, as a shock.

“We did not expect it and when we were told, we did not know how long it would last, but it was quickly on all the news reports”, continues the one who says pass the time playing video games and studying videos of his games from last season.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a court, but I have a large balcony so I can still have the feeling of having the ball in my hand. The only thing I can’t do is shoot , because I don’t have a basket. I also do a lot of weight training and I watch all of my games on my iPad to see what I could have done best! ”, He concludes.

Chris Boucher was not very impressed when the writer suggested that the Toronto Raptors could be the NBA champions for another year if the season was canceled. “I would much rather have another ring!” I would take another one! ”He launched.

His statement demonstrates how eager Boucher, his teammates and the rest of the NBA basketball players are to return to the courts. “We all want to play. We want to defend our championship, we just want to come back and play, “he said.

“Currently, however, the focus is on trying to resolve the pandemic. We all know we’re going to play again, the problem is knowing when. Me, the periods when I was injured helped me not to lose my head, to find solutions, ”he adds.

Boucher said he no longer wanted to know when the game would resume. “Anyone can say what they want. At first, I listened to the news a lot, I saw that some were sending the teams to end the season in Vegas. But when it’s going to be the truth, the league will announce it. ”

In his third season in the NBA, Boucher has already improved many facets of his game and has been rewarded by spending much more time on the field. He had a 19-point, 15-rebound game shortly before the season’s suspension.

“I think I demonstrated that I could play. There are still several things I can improve on, but with my technique, I was able to show that I could find ways to help the team win. I think that’s the most important thing that I can be effective in a match. ”

After winning the title of Most Useful Player in the G League, Boucher was recalled by the Raptors last year. His contract, which guaranteed him $ 1.5 million this year, allows the Raptors to take advantage of an option next year for an amount of $ 1,999,761.

“Honestly, I’m not thinking about that yet. Neither you nor I know what will happen in the future. Right now, I’m trying to take care of my health and my family, ”he concludes.

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