Ratajkowski funny photos with her husband: where are your eyebrows

Ратаковски рассмешила фото с мужем: а где брови

Famous American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski loves to please followers in Instagram spicy images. Recently the celebrity went to the exhibition of the legendary jewelry brand “The Tiffany & Co.”, having donned a formfitting turtleneck Nude. So, the girl melted the hearts of fans combines black-and-white photo with her husband Sebastian Bear-Macclendon.

“Bb” – succinctly signed frame Rutkowski. For 18 hours the managed to collect more than 435 thousand likes. Followers have divided into two camps. Some admired a pair of lovers and spouses showered with compliments. There were those who to whom the appearance of Sebastian seemed to be very neglected, especially the lack of eyebrows and angry look.

Earlier “Znayu” told you that Emily Ratajkowski showed a very candid shots of the bathroom, barely hiding behind a towel. Also, she has paniyas in the foam and talked on the soul as on the phone.

Also a celebrity showed a black-and-white frame, which covered his massive chest bodice own brand of swimwear.

And Emily has demonstrated again a magnificent figure with a bikini own brand snake print. Massive chest she could barely cover the hands.

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