Ratajkowski undressed in the middle of the supermarket: that’s buns

Ратаковски разделась посреди супермаркета: вот это булочки

Famous American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski loves to please followers in Instagram spicy images. Recently, a celebrity once again adverted own brand of sexy underwear and swimwear, starring in a very unusual photo shoot. So, the girl posed in a small shop, lit up perfect buttocks.

“Brick color sold out. Will rastopite and the remains of the collection,” said Rutkowski. Over 19 hours of zesty frame managed to collect over 1.4 million likes. Followers began to fill up form Emily compliments, noting that her ass cannot be confused with any other in the world. There were those who objected that in the photo the model looks too thin.

Earlier “Znayu” told you that Emily Ratajkowski showed a very candid shots of the bathroom, barely hiding behind a towel. Also, she has paniyas in the foam and talked on the soul as on the phone.

Also a celebrity showed a black-and-white frame, which covered his massive chest bodice own brand of swimwear.

And Emily has demonstrated again a magnificent figure with a bikini own brand snake print. Massive chest she could barely cover the hands.

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