Reached perfection: Galkin comes to obesity due to delusions of grandeur

Artist of his statements confirmed the worst fears.

Достиг совершенства: Галкин идёт к ожирению из-за мании величия

Maxim Galkin in the absence of clear competition has become the most popular TV presenter in Russia, causing his face began flickering in a growing number of projects. On Federal TV channels humorist always brilliant acts, delighting audiences with ironed suits and other gear Galkin can afford more casual outfits as it happened on the program “Thank God you came!”. As one of the guests of the Maxim appeared in the Studio in a fairly large t-shirt, but even she at some moments hugged the torso of a showman, showing that Galkin is clearly to obesity, every day gaining more pounds. It is logical to assume that the humorist is simply no time to watch her figure because of the constant travel and flights, however, his recent utterance proved that in addition to excess weight the artist probably also got and delusions of grandeur.

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With love from Boston! Thanks to the wonderful slim the Boston audience! #maximally #lubemytits #solo

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your Instagram account Galkin has posted several videos with cuts from the concerts which he gave recently in the United States. On one of the videos Maxim unabashedly stated that he would like to visit his own speech, that clearly speaks about narcissism and inflated ego. It is highly likely, the TV host believes that he has already attained perfection, since his name is on tour in Germany and the United States, so there is no reason to continue to engage in their own figure, and if her success is already assured. It is not excluded that in the near future the appearance of showman will change beyond recognition due to obesity, as his wife Alla Pugacheva, who have spent a lot of time and effort to get in shape, obviously, could not affect her beloved husband, suffering from delusions of grandeur. If the example of his wife is not sufficient reason for Galkin to lose weight, it is unlikely that it will make him change his views.

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