“Real rink”: the network has shown a huge winter traffic on the M4 “don”

Russian motorists on the network to warn each other about the terrible weather conditions on the M4 “don”. On the highway already happened several accidents.

«Настоящий каток»: В сети показали огромную «зимнюю» пробку на М4 «Дон»

Judging by the photos, the roads are quickly covered with wet snow. In areas of the village Likhovskoy before turning to Krasnyy Sulin and many sections of the route around Voronezh and Rostov-on-don, the drivers have recorded severe winter storms with heavy wind and snow with rain. Which is especially odd – a drivers living in the Northern part of Russia, talked about the fact that they have such the weather is not close: “In Kamchatka pouring rain, we in the Arkhangelsk region there is no snow. The cold only -4”, “Careful on the road… the feeling that towards Murmansk move. Incidentally, less snow”.

«Настоящий каток»: В сети показали огромную «зимнюю» пробку на М4 «Дон»

It is so anomalous weather conditions were unprepared not only drivers, but also road services – snow plows on all problem areas the roads are not enough: “Further in the direction of Rostov worse. Mess of snow. Perhaps now clean. Two cars-cistici went with the raised “combs” in the direction of Voronezh”. The majority of motorists agree in opinion: it is necessary in short order to switch to winter tires with spikes, otherwise there will be trouble. The network has shown a huge winter traffic on the M4 “don”.

Most likely it is because of the unwillingness of most cars to this kind of weather happened the first serious accident because of the snow on the highway M4 “don”. “A complete blockage, a real ice rink, a few cars in the cake” – these comments were accompanied by a video driver.

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