“Really sick people”: after Volochkova naked twine in the snow fans are predicting a psychiatric hospital

Ballerina scares fans inappropriate behavior.

«Реально больной человек»: Волочковой после голого шпагата на снегу фанаты пророчат психушку

Recently Anastasia Volochkova caught in another scandal, telling about the alleged close relationship with the deceased outstanding ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. Fans of the dancer immediately checked words Volochkova, who was far from the truth, as in life Plisetskaya quite critical spoke about the talent and character of the ballerina. However, Volochkova is not the first time proves that she intends to maintain popularity by any means, including through publications in racy Instagram account. Previously Anastasia has horrified fans care attitude, allowing her new boyfriend to show middle finger to the camera, thereby expressing contempt for the subscribers Volochkova. Apparently, the result staged a ballerina as it immediately began talking many media outlets and was even invited to a TV show, asking about a new lover, so following the controversial publication not long to wait.

«Реально больной человек»: Волочковой после голого шпагата на снегу фанаты пророчат психушку

This time the dancer has fully justified the expectations of the haters, once again frightened the fans inappropriate behavior, as Volochkova did the splits right on the snow in a completely Nude. Charms ballerina was covered by only a bath with a broom and Panama, which are unlikely to protect her body from frost. After that presentation, many members of celebrity began to prophesy to her psychiatric hospital, also not excluding the option of a rehabilitation clinic to combat her alcohol addiction.

One of the fans Volochkova said: “Really sick people”, while others added that Anastasia may indeed need help, as the clowns away from the public deep in my soul suffer. Many supported the initiative to send a dancer to the treatment, because in spite of its pretentious and sometimes a bad temper, she left a tangible trace in the history of Russian ballet.