Recipes from flu and colds from the famous Soviet doctor

Рецепты от гриппа и простуды от известного советского врача

Everyone knows that eating a lot of salt, but it can be used as medicine.

Famous surgeon I. Shcheglov, who used rock salt to treat wounded soldiers during the Second world war, with everyone sharing their recipes. In those days he was treated for serious wounds for 3-4 days, with the help of salt. Increased temperature is also normal, and Shcheglov was not a single fatality.

Рецепты от гриппа и простуды от известного советского врача

Next, we will explain how to do salt dressings. Remember the rules:

  1. In the solution that you are preparing for dressings, should be no more than 10% of salt.

If you make the solution with too much salt, it can destroy the capillaries.

  1. Use only natural fabrics.

The material must be washed many times, so old clothes from flax or cotton.

  1. Salt bandage acts only on the place on which you put it.
  2. To see the effect of the salt solution must undergo a week.
  3. The fabric needs to be overcome, but not much – it should be wet enough. Secure the bandage can be a bandage or band-aid.

If you feel a headache, you can apply a bandage on the forehead or the back of the head. This procedure can also be carried out if you suffer from a cold. For 1-1,5 hours you should be better. If you have a severe headache, it can be a circular bandage to hold it until morning.

Рецепты от гриппа и простуды от известного советского врача

If you feel a cold or flu, the doctor advises to be treated by the method described above. If you are not the first day, the bandages can be applied not only to the head, but on the back. You will need 2 layers of wet and 2 layers of dry towels. These bandages need to leave for the night. And spend 4-5 treatments to achieve full recovery.

We will remind, the people’s prescription get rid of numbness in hands and feet. This may be due to bad circulation. A folk remedy will help cleanse the vessels and will save you from unpleasant problems.

As reported Znayu, nobracket, itching and snoring can indicate serious illness.

Also Znayu wrote that the activated carbon not only helps in case of poisoning.

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