Reduced isolation time for some healthcare workers

To avoid service failures in healthcare settings, healthcare workers deemed to be “critical” who have been in contact with a person tested positive for COVID-19 will only have to isolate themselves for seven days rather than 14, recommends the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ) in a document dated April 3.
In the event of a “severe” breakdown in services, these “critical” healthcare workers who have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the healthcare setting but who are asymptomatic or who have been tested negative may even return to the work before these seven days, as long as they respect certain measures (wearing a mask, strict hand hygiene and self-monitoring of symptoms, among others).

The INSPQ also recommends isolation for only seven days for “critical” health care workers who have been in contact with a person infected with COVID-19 outside the healthcare setting you can read more information on Health Blog.

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Only healthcare workers who have tested positive should, like all Quebecers, isolate themselves for 14 days. Before returning to work, these workers must not have had a fever for 48 hours and their acute symptoms must have disappeared by 24 hours.

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