Regina todorenko intrigued fans of the new pregnant photos

Регина Тодоренко заинтриговала фанатов новым беременным фото

Regina Todorenko

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko who builds a career on Russian television and recently gave birth to her firstborn, often attracts the attention of fans of the unusual posts in Instagram. At this time, the celebrity published a striking photo where posing else pregnant.

The photo that appeared in the account of the presenter, she appeared on the overview of the audience in a fun way, standing on the background of a beautiful castle, apparently somewhere abroad. Fans said that before Regina did not publish this photo before, and it is not clear, in what month of pregnancy she. In the picture Todorenko appeared in a white dress-shirt and light sandals to go low in black. The star had let down her hair, she stands in an unusual pose and smiling.

But in the caption to the photo of Regina asked the fans to something completely unexpected: “Write, please, what don’t you like advertising?”. This publication did not remain without attention of many fans of Regina and they began to actively comment on photos Todorenko and answer her question.

“Strange! I love advertising! Especially if in the role of a beautiful woman or a handsome man,” “I don’t like when you advertise real 💩, but for this they were paid and they prove that cool!”, “Regina you are so beautiful”, “Sometimes for the obsession”, “I’m your fan” “Is the same, many are doing is very ridiculous”, “You are so beautiful”, “For the obsession and monotony. Sometimes outright stupidity”, “Not like the ads for the obsession, and large volumes of”, “For me it all on the drum, let her chase advertising, When it is very frequent and Intrusive” – write in the comments to the photo.

We will remind, Todorenko and Topalov handed out to fans of Mercedes money and technology.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Regina todorenko celebrated Valentine’s Day without Topalov.

Also, the portal “Znayu” I wrote that Regina Todorenko showed the home of your dreams.

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