Returns Rammstein: Lindemann did something that was not solved 10 years

Rammstein возвращается: Линдеманн сделал то, на что не решался 10 лет

You can start to go crazy: Rammstein come back

The legendary Rammstein German team led by Till Lindemann returned. Recently they introduced first time in seven years clip Deutschland, which created a sensation worldwide. And now decided to tease the audience by posting a few excerpts of the new tracks that will be included in the new album. The release of the album, by the way, is scheduled for may 2019.

Previously, the Germans introduced the snippets of Radio and Zeig Dich on your Youtube channel. Now there are excerpts from three other tracks – Auslander, Puppe and Sex – with a duration of less than half a minute.

Rammstein возвращается: Линдеманн сделал то, на что не решался 10 лет

Cult group Rammstein is ready for a triumphant return

When the tracks can be heard fully, not yet known.

The video had an effect – fans quiver in anticipation of the new musical “bombs” and covered their Pets with approving comments. New album provocative German Metalworkers promises to be spectacular.

Earlier it was reported that new clip of the iconic German metal band Rammstein called Deutschland was leaked few hours before official release.

The video, which likely is the new work of musicians, appeared in the particular Telegram-channel 2ch community. Official video premiere scheduled for 28 March at 19:00.

Earlier video Rammstein provoked sharp criticism of the Federal government Commissioner for combating anti-Semitism Felix Klein and former head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Charlotte Knobloch.

We will remind, till Lindemann caught in the arms of the new blondes.

Earlier Znayu reported, Lindemann congratulated the Russians happy New year, turned out to be humiliating and a Mat.

Also Znayu wrote, the leader of the group Rammstein directly asked about the relationship with Loboda.

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