Reveals the causes of the disaster Boeing 737 Max in Ethiopia: what happened actually

Раскрыты причины катастрофы Boeing 737 Max в Эфиопии: что случилось на самом деле

Reveals the causes of the tragic events in Ethiopia, when crashed the Boeing 737 Max. The disaster happened on March 10 when a passenger plane of local companies, Ethiopian Airlines flew to Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. It is reported that the aircraft began to quickly gain speed immediately after departure from Addis Ababa, the newspaper writes new York times.

The publication, citing its own source, who had heard the talks of the captain of the ship Manager, reported anomalous acceleration Boeing. The captain of the plane panicky voice demanded permission to return after three minutes after takeoff, when the airplane accelerated to an abnormal speed.

In turn, managers decided to delay two flights, who were preparing for the landing, to release the strip. However, the Board did not have time and was unable to return.

Interestingly, the Boeing 737 MAX 8, which crashed in Ethiopia and Indonesia, the horizontal stabilizers were rejected at an atypical angle, write foreign media. The study of the wreckage of both planes, allows to conclude that both tragedies could have happened for the same reason.

The official reason avikatastrofy in Ethiopia yet to be named. But experts point to the similarity of the accidents in Indonesia, and Ethiopia because of the failure of automation.

Раскрыты причины катастрофы Boeing 737 Max в Эфиопии: что случилось на самом деле

We recall that MAU will continue to buy the “planes of death” Boeing 737 Max.

It is worth Recalling that the tragedy in Ethiopia is the second accident involving this aircraft model only for the last five months. According to preliminary data, the reason could be a wrong setting of the angle sensor, which, presumably, passed on to the onboard computer false information about the state of the nose of the aircraft relative to the horizon. Also recall, For the second before you die: Russian bloggers took a video before the terrible plane crash in Ethiopia

We will remind, “the plane Crash in Ethiopia: among the dead found Putin “the liberator of the Crimea.”

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”: the plane with Russians aboard crashed in the Congo’s dark history, a lot of victims.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that on Board the crashed plane in Ethiopia was the family of the Deputy of the National Council of Parliament, to survive, they failed.

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