Richard Gere became a father for the second time: the baby name will surprise you

Ричард Гир стал отцом во второй раз: имя малыша вас удивит

A few days ago in the network appeared the information that the 69-year-old actor Richard Gere for the second time became a father. At the moment, no Hollywood actor, nor his young wife , journalist Alexandra Silva it does not comment. But the name and gender of the child of the star couple is already known. It is reported by Spanish newspaper Hola.

The famous couple had a son. The boy was named Alexander in honor of his amazing mother Alexandra Silva.

Wife is a talented Hollywood actor gave birth in new York. Mom and baby are both doing well. Soon they will be discharged from the hospital.

For parents this is the first such long-awaited child. Alexandra from a previous relationship has a five year old son albert, and Richard – 19-year-old son Homer from Carey Lowell.

The same publication reported that when parents chose the name for their son, they are very starlis to pick up the option that we like them both. The male version of this name are true leaders, and women Alexandra – have a sharp mind and strategic thinking. The parents of a newborn say that their child will grow up exposed to two languages and cultures.

Ричард Гир стал отцом во второй раз: имя малыша вас удивит

It is worth noting that the couple guard their privacy from the media, therefore, neither Richard Gere nor his 35-year-old wife did not confirm information about the child.

It should be noted that Richard Gere met his future wife a few months after officially parted ways with model Carey Lowell. Just at that time, Alexander was separated from Govind Friedland, not intending to start a new relationship. But the total interests in the legal sphere brought a couple. Together for the first time they have been seen in Sicily in 2015. There they participated at the festival “Taormina”. At the end of April 2018 Geer and Silva have legalized their relationship, and in may of the same year he married.

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