Right Germany has criticized Merkel for coming to Paris on the anniversary of the end of the First world war

The leader of the right-wing party “Alternative for Germany” called the act of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “attempt to rewrite history”.

Правые Германии раскритиковали Меркель за приезд в Париж в годовщину окончания Первой мировой войны

The Chairman of the party Alexander Gauland harshly criticized the arrival of the Chancellor of France, as the anniversary of the First world war in Paris was intended only for “winners”, and Germany was there to remember just dashing in short, the politician believes. He also said that the arrival of Merkel in Paris has put the Germans in an awkward position of extolling the winners in the First world war. Thus, Garland does not consider the actions of the Chancellor in the French capital and the President in London as a sign of reconciliation between European States in the 100th anniversary of the end of the war.

Right-wing party “Alternative for Germany” is famous for his harsh statements. Members of the party constantly criticized the current government, downplay the consequences of sortowane of the dictatorship of the Germans during both world wars, openly Express anti-Muslim sentiment, supervised by neo-Nazi marches in Germany to call to rewrite textbooks so that they more was said about the casualties suffered by Germany itself in waged its wars. Especially strange statements Gowland sound in day (11 November), when the experts managed to decipher the plan of the neo-military to seize world power. For the first time in the German Parliament, the party entered 2015.

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