Rimma zyubina about family, career in Russia and Oleg Sentsov: I pay for my position

Римма Зюбина о семье, карьере в России и Олеге Сенцове: я плачу за свою позицию

Rimma Zyubina

Famous Ukrainian actress Rimma zyubina shared his life story and expressed his position about the artists, touring in Russia and political prisoners in the Moscow prison.

“I was born in Uzhgorod, where there are no film studios. But when he came some crew, I just learned about it and fled headlong back. Well, the theatre in its internal regulations and the device is now like me a lot less than the atmosphere in the movie,” admitted zyubina in an interview for ZN.ua.

Rima also spoke about the recent offer to work in Russia, which she rejected.

Римма Зюбина о семье, карьере в России и Олеге Сенцове: я плачу за свою позицию

“I never keep everything in one Bank. Neither in the profession nor in the family. Because children grow up and can pay you by their indifference. The family may be destroyed, and her husband to leave. Or you can invest in the profession all, forsaking family, children, and in the end that you betray. I had the opportunity to go to Russia. I got an offer when my son was two years old. I knew then that I would always be able to return home. But! I have no family. The child will get used to grandma in Uzhgorod. Husband? I have beautiful, talented, and I’m unlikely to be able to maintain long-distance relationships.

And Yes, I could take place in Russia. There is then creative implementation were all possibilities. But what I was doing there today? Would break my heart if all my life and profession has developed there. As the same of Alexei Gorbunov. He’s one of the few of our actors who was held there. Starring high-quality Russian cinema was shot only he and Bohdan Stupka”, – she explained.

Rimma believes that “women are much smaller roles, fewer opportunities”.

Римма Зюбина о семье, карьере в России и Олеге Сенцове: я плачу за свою позицию

“If we look at the repertoire, by the way, not just our theatre, but in General the global trend, the Directors put on men. And in the theater and in the movie there is inequality. It’s true,” said zyubina.

In addition, the actress believes that now is really a Golden time for documentary films.

“One day in the life of a volunteer, immigrant, military… a person who does not care what is happening in the country. And it will be interesting on the screen. Perhaps that is why the writers, realizing the problem and trying to reach reality, we decided that in one scenario, you need to talk about all at once,” she explained.

To a journalist’s question, what she fears most, she replied:

“Well, I guess the war that we were shown when we were at the front, this is not what happens in reality… I don’t want my son to live in humiliation. System, people, circumstances… Everything? Oleg Sentsov, the sailors… to Live and know that someone at any moment can change your life. Without your consent. Afraid of freedom.

Римма Зюбина о семье, карьере в России и Олеге Сенцове: я плачу за свою позицию

After the annexation of Crimea, I realized that I was not a politician, I don’t run this world, and there’s nothing to do with what is happening. I am a small person. But even if I read three subscribers on Facebook, then I have influence on these three people. The same day I wrote that refuse to play in the Russian projects. In my opinion, the smell of money. I could not imagine how after everything that’s happened, you can go to the site and how it was nothing to hug. Although in Russia there are people who every day are under the administration of the President picket in support of Oleg Sentsov, our political prisoners and sailors. And they’re heroes.

Of course, I lost a lot of Finance. But not lost the main thing — themselves. And in Kiev so far removed the Russian series with the Russian actors in the main roles. This is when you stand and realize that you have the same hands and feet, ability… But for some reason your retainer on a few zeros less than the person who has arrived from Moscow.”

She also added: “when you continually point out “your” place. But we are. Are what they are. And for my position I pay. But freed from these braces”.

In turn, the journalist recalled that units of Russian actors say appropriate things about the war in Ukraine, and asked what happened to the others.

“Fear happened to them. I know a real person, who served three years for a post that “Crimea is Ukraine”. For one offer! One of my friend living in Kiev, moved from the Crimea, but sometimes comes back to his family. Once returned from there, tells me: “Romochka, I’ve read all your posts there, but I was afraid to comment, and even like. I began to be afraid. It’s so scary.” And wept not only she, but I,” said Rimma zyubina.

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