Robert de Niro confirms that The Irishman will be released first in cinemas

Robert de Niro confirme que The Irishman sortira d’abord en salles

In the United States, in any case…

Guest of the Marrakech international film Festival, Robert de Niro has of course been interviewed on the highly anticipated The Irishman. Stayed a long time at the stage of the arlésienne, the film that brings together Bob and Al Pacino (but also Harvey Keitel or Joe Pesci) under the camera of Martin Scorsese has finally been made possible thanks to funding from Netflix. A great blow for the platform SVOD, who was preparing also to go out in the new feature film from Alfonso Cuaron, Roma.

The actor has mentioned the output of The Irishman who, contrary to the tradition of Netflix, will be distributed in a number of cinemas :

We talked about it with Netflix. They are going to present our film as it should be, in movies, in some of the rooms, in the best rooms possible (…) The solution they found, it is released first in cinemas. What will happen then ? I don’t know much more, “reports the website of the THR.

According to De Niro, The Irishman is expected to be release in theaters before being made available on the platform, and not a simultaneous release. A strategy close to that of Amazon Studios, more to satisfy even the Academy, and therefore glean from the Oscar nominations. Remains to be seen how long the theaters will have exclusive rights to the film. In France, the question does not arise, chronology of the media obliges.

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The actor fetish of Martin Scorsese also recalled that the film, which has a budget of $ 140 million, would not be able to mount it without Netflix. “We have already had the chance to obtain financing from Netflix, which we were very well treated, so if all goes well, we will find a compromise.

De Niro went on to explain that Netflix “has left us quiet, they let Marty do the film as he felt it“. And he is rather pleased to have been rejuvenated digitally for the scenes of flashback which will show it up to 50 years younger ! “Marty wanted it, found the best way to rejuvenate, “he explained, adding that going without make-up they “had given a lot of freedom“.

The time of retirement did not come yet for Bob, who has also confirmed that it would be Leonardo DiCaprio for the next film for Scorsese, Killers of the Flower Moon.

After The Irishman, Martin Scorsese will well Leonardo DiCaprio